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Search robots will determine if a website is authoritative by popularity of relevant content.

Relating to the on page scenario, it’s now time to step outside your store and start cleaning up and arranging the front yard. I will discuss four primary areas of off-page SEO. You can take a look at ​Shane Barker’s great off-page SEO info-graphic​ if you want a solid overview on one page.



These means are getting a search engine to rank your page due to the quality of the off-page SEO. If your site looks like a big brand site, the Search engine is likely to trust you, and this will lead to a ranking of your page.

How to build trust.

Authority: Search engines such as Google makes use of a mix of two kinds of authority to determine the overall body of your site.

•Domain authority: This has to do with how widespread your domain name is, is very authoritative because almost everyone knows about it.

•Page Authority: The authoritative of a page content of a determines the page authority.

You can check your Domain and Page authority from Moz.


This is another area in the off-page SEO that is important. Most search engines make use this to rank your website.

A backlink is a vast aspect of off-page SEO, To learn more about ways to get ​backlink you can click here​. Here are three factors. You need to consider when getting a backlink.

  1. Quality of links
  2. Contextual backlinks
  3. Number of links


Here is the third category of off-page SEO. The personal factors I am referring to here is the traffic, traffic growth, country and Socialization.

The traffic of a site and the growth determines how the search engines rank the site because the more your organic traffic, the higher your Page and Domain authority and the stronger your off-page SEO, the higher you rank.


The social media presence of a site also help in ranking of that site, when the social media presence of a site keeps growing and automatically the traffic growth will increase, directly the Domain and Page authority will increase, then it will have a higher probability of showing up in search terms of the users that like your site through social media.


Is your website worth sharing? Link building requires strong and authentic content for high DA links

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